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Is the Web really dead? No way!

Last week Wired published a long article stating that the Web (as in the thing you get through the browser) is dead, while the Internet is evolving. I think they are totally wrong for a few reasons: They prove their statement reading in the stats what they wanted to read: they compare the proportion of traffic instead of the total amount and this leads to the wrong conclusions They say the web is being taken over by peer-to-peer and video, based, again, on the bandwidth used Most...

ASP.NET MVC brings FUN back inside web development, on .NET

That’s the main fact about ASP.NET MVC: “ASP.NET MVC brings the web back inside web development” [from a tweet by Hadi Hariri] With ASP.NET MVC the “real” web is back into the development workflow of a web application. And to me this translates in having more fun developing apps, and, at the end of the day, being more productive since I don’t have to work-around issues of a framework that takes too much of my work. It’s true: some might say that ASP.NET MVC is “half-backed” or without a strong opinion about how the M should be implemented,...