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Vote for the sessions you want to attend at the Web.NET Conference

Over the month of July, 29 speaker submitted 44 presentations' proposals. But we have only 19 slots, so even limiting to one session per speaker we will not be able to accept all the speakers that submitted a proposal. Today we are opening the voting phase: till the beginning of September you’ll be able to vote for the 5 sessions you’d like to attend to at the Web.NET Conference on the 20 October. Speakers are coming from all Europe (and beyond), like Pierre Spring from Switzerland, Niels Hartvig from Umbraco, Jakob Mattsson from Sweden, Maarten Balliauw, Kris van...

Sessions’ voting for NHibernate Day is open

In October the First European NHibernate Day will be held in Bologna and there will be two tracks: Advanced NH with Ayende and Steve Strong Generic ORM, for which we had an open call for speakers Nine sessions have been proposed, but we have room only for 5 of them: today we are opening the votes to decided which of 9 sessions will be presented at the NHDay. To vote please rank the sessions in order of preference (1 is the one you definitely want to see, and...