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PDC 2008 video I’m watching

I’m not at PDC 2008, so I’ve to keep up with what’s being announced in LA only through videos. I watched the two keynotes live (for those who missed them, they are available on demand from the homepage of PDC site). But there are many other interesting videos to watch. Here is a list of the ones I’m downloading and I’m planning to watch over the next days (well, probably nights): ASP.NET and Web Development PC20 - ASP.NET 4.0 Roadmap - Scott...

How to solve the “Visual Studio vanishing” bug of ASP.NET MVC P5

The latest release of ASP.NET MVC had a weird bug: with Visual Studio 2008 SP1, when you open any view page, Visual Studio just vanishes, with no error dialog displayed. The Application log contains an item with the following error message: .NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.3053 - Fatal Execution Engine Error (6AFD0F92) (0) With a bit of trial and error, and thanks to some other posts and comments I found out that the reason for this is some conflict with the Visual Studio PowerCommands tool: uninstalling it fixes the problem. In my previous installation,...

How to get up to speed with Team Foundation Server

UPDATE: Thanks to Lorenzo, I fixed a few errors about TFS Licensing. Lately I’ve been designing and implementing the migration of development team from Visual Source Safe, with Excel based bug tracking and no defined development policies to TFS. I’ve only been a user of TFS so it was the first time for me to dig into planning and licensing issues, process templates, policies, build and all that stuff. During my searches I collected the link and resources I read, and I’m posting them here so other could benefit from this list as well. Testing TFS...

Got my copy of Visual Studio Extensibility

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my friend Keyvan from Iran just published his first book with Wrox: Professional Visual Studio Extensibility. Today I got my copy of the book. I never had the need to extend Visual Studio in the past but now I'm building some tools to facilitate the migration of a large project (more than 1M lines of code) from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0, so this will really help. Thank you Keyvan for being releasing the book in time to help me with that work project.   Technorati Tag: Keyvan Nayyeri,Visual Studio,Book,VSX

For all the TextMate wannabe: Vibrant Ink for Visual Studio v2

Last week I posted a screenshot of my VS pimped with the same color schema used by ScottGu and ScottHa during the MVC.NET presentation at the ALT.NET conference. I found out that it was developed by Rob Conery, which yesterday released a new version of the schema, switching back to Consolas (as I did in my personal version) and easing a bit the contrast. Download the schema on Rob's blog, and remember to change the ApplicationIdentity version=”9.0″ to version=”8.0″ if you are still using (as I'm) Visual Studio 2005. Technorati tags: Vibrant Ink, TextMate, Visual Studio, vs.settings

Pimping my Visual Studio

One of the thing that excited me from last week videos about the ASP.NET MVC framework is the amazing color schema that both ScottHa and ScottGu had on their Visual Studio: I sent an email and Scott was soo kind to answer me back with the VS schema. Looking on the net I found that the color schema was "developed" by John "DLR" Lam, porting to Visual Studio the Vibrant Ink theme for TextMate. Later Rob "SubSonic" Conery tweaked it, changed the black to shade of gray, and replaced Consolas with Monaco. Since I'm, as Jeff "CodingHorror" Atwood, a fan...

Orcas Beta 2 due this week?

>>>>>>> Oh, and I'm desperately waiting for the VS2K8 Beta 2 - will it be dropped soon? You'll see Beta2 ship later this week - so only a few more days now.Thanks,Scott ScottGu wrote that Beta2 will ship later this week in a comment on his post announcing IronRuby. And it's said to be 99% feature complete. I think I can exceed my traffic cap next week. Technorati tags: visual studio, Orcas