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visual studio 2008

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MSTest Tip: Double click to go to failing test

When you run a test suite, Visual Studio shows the results in a grid: the passing ones with the green icon and the failing one with the red icon. By default, if you double click on the line with the test, Visual Studio shows the details of the test, with the stack trace and the details of the exception. If you right click on the line and you select “Open Test” you will go to the test case, on the line that caused the error. But if you follow a TDD approach, you want to go straight the test with just...

How to add a test run configuration to a test project with Visual Studio 2008

When you create a test project from scratch the test run configuration file is automatically added by the project template, but if the test project is created by the ASP.NET MVC web application project template it’s not. And if you want to enable Code Coverage you have to it manually. It took me a while to find out how to add a test run configuration to a test project. The problem was: it cannot be added to the test project, but must be added as Solution Item to the solution that contains it. Maybe the ASP.NET MVC team could consider adding...

Ladies and Gentlemen, please start your ... downloads

As announced, VS Orcas 2008 Beta 2 has been released: Release Notes on ScottGu blog Direct download page on MSDN Technorati tags: Orcas, visual studio 2008