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The last Conference

Last Saturday it was the 7th and last Conference organized by With last I really mean last, as in there won’t be any more conferences organized by, at least not in its current form. This is the end Those who attended know the reasons why we decided to terminate operations, but if you were not there, you can have a look at the keynote’s slides, watch the video of the keynote, or reading the more detailed explanations on Emanuele’s blog post, Perchè ha chiuso?, or on my Italian blog L’ultima conference. And... Conf 7: Voting and registration

The Call for Presenters concluded yesterday evening, and I’m very happy to say that we received 50 proposals from more or less 40 different speakers. Voting From now, logging in with your twitter or (activated during this week) facebook account, you’ll be able to vote for the 5 sessions you’d like to attend; the 19 sessions with most votes will be selected and put into the agenda. The voting will close on December 19th and the agenda will be out before the Christmas. Vote!! We also have some proposals from speakers from the (enlarged) Belgian .NET...