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Node.js and JavaScript coding and development guidelines

Every now and then I go back to doing something with Node.js, and when this happens I’ve already forgotten everything I did and all the little knowledge I acquired the previous time I used it. And I always have to start almost from the beginning again. Two years ago I wrote about “How to get started with Node.js”: I think most of the information there are still valid… even the book Node.js in Action is still a MEAP (this time planned for release this month, August 2013). This summer I’m planning on revising, during my holidays, the architecture...

What convinced me to adopt a (kind of) Test Driven Design approach

I've to admit it: I never wrote many tests for the code I wrote. Probably one of the reason is that the last time I wrote something from scratch, with enough time to convince the other members of the team to try a new approach, was before the TDD became known to the general audience. I only wrote some test for small part of the code, or to expose some bugs and later fix them. But 2 months ago, I had to design from scratch a small web application: and again I didn't have the time to sit down, look around...