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Ajax survey 2009: jQuery and MS Ajax are almost tied among .NET developers

Almost one month ago I created a survey in order to try and understand how .NET developers are using Ajax. And also to compare it with the results I collected at the end of 2007. I left the survey running a few weeks and once I received around 2500 responses I closed it: but without further ado let’s have a look at the results, and later I’ll do a more in depth analysis of the data collected. The results The most used Ajax/JS library among .NET developers is jQuery, which is used by the 71,4% of...

Survey: Ajax usage among .NET developers in 2009

UPDATE2: The survey is closed. The results are published: Ajax survey 2009: jQuery and MS Ajax are almost tied. UPDATE: I posted some quick stats after 3 days and 1050 answers received In December 2007, taking inspiration from a survey promoted by Ajaxian, I created a survey to understand in which environment .NET developers are using Ajax, in conjunction with which web framework, and which javascript libraries they are using. Here you can read the results of the survey and the analysis of the results. But long time passed, so I think it’s useful to repeat the...

The Lounge Survey

The Lounge, the advertising network I’m part of, is running a survey in order to understand better the readers who visit the blogs of the network. At the end of the survey, two random entries will win all the 41 books of the Manning In Action series, and the results will be made public. Go and take the survey now. Technorati Tags: survey,thelounge

How do .NET developers relate to social networks?

Matt Berseth just posted on his blog a survey about how .NET developers relate to social networks and jobs. I think it would be interesting to see the results. The survey is just 20 questions and won’t take much time so, take the survey. Technorati Tags: survey

The most used Javascript Library is... jQuery

A month ago a popular CSS blog asked: "What is your Javascript library of choice?" Yesterday, after having received more than 1600 answers, he published the results. The winner is clearly jQuery, with more than 50% of the preferences (actually 52%). The second library is MooTools with 15% and third comes Prototype with 12%. As the author of the survey says, the audience of his website is mainly composed by designers, so the results are a bit biased toward jQuery (which has been designed to port the CSS way of thinking into JavaScript development). But...

.NET Ajax Survey results

A few days ago Ajaxian published the results of a survey about the usage of Ajax among web developers, but since it was too generic for my taste I decided to make one targeted only to .NET developers.I got a bit more than 1000 responses in less that 2 days, and since the results were starting to stabilize (and the response rate was very low compared to the 50 responses per hour of the first day), this morning I decided to close the survey and then analyze the data and publish the results. The results But let's have...

Ajax usage among .NET developers

UPDATE: The survey is closed and I just published the results of the survey: .NET Ajax Survey results. Given the results of Ajaxian's survey about the state of the usage in the web development community, I decided to make a new survey, but this time only focused on .NET developers. Please click here to take the survey. I'll collect the results and then make some more stats. The questions are the same as the Ajaxian's one: Are you using Ajax in production, development, proof of concept or not using it at all?...