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Peakr: social bookmarking for Climbing

Digg,, DotNetKicks, StumbleUpon, Reddit and many other are all social bookmarking sites where users "save online" their bookmarks. So other users can see the bookmarks, and see which are the "hot" pages about a certain topic. Some of these sites also allow users to "vote" for the bookmarks, creating a sort of "popularity contest" where the most voted pages, posts or news should be the most interesting to read. But all these sites are technology focused (dotnetkicks, digg) or very generic (, StumbleUpon)  so it's difficult to find articles about niche topics like climbing. So, a French climber/developer, Francis Dierick, decided...


I joined twitter a few weeks ago, after Steve asked me if I was on Twitter. But I was a bit reluctant posting this on my blog because I didn't get the point of reading what others are doing, or saying to my list of followers what I was doing at any give moment. Not that now I get it completely, but more than I did when I signed up a few weeks ago What is Twitter? Someone (don't remember who, sorry for the anonymous citation) said that twitter is what you do between a blog post and another. Someone else says it's like a chat,...