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Why SketchFlow is not a mockup software

After almost one year of using Balsamiq I decided to give Blend SketchFlow a try. After using it in one project, I realized it’s not a sketching/mockup tool. And here I’m telling you why. My definition of a sketching/mockup tool I think a sketching/mockup tool should be a replacement for sketching on paper. It should allow you to “draw” lines, add a textbox and some text, without thinking too much about alignments and about how you will “implement” UI element in the real application. And must have a quick way to include common UI elements like windows, dropdown,...

A lap around MIX09 announcements

Many new things came out before the actual keynote, like ASP.NET MVC RTM, Silverlight 3.0 Beta 1 (with Blend for SL3 and its VS2008 tools), RIA DataServices. Not sure if it was something they planned or an error by someone that forgot that 9AM in Las Vegas happens 8 hour after 9AM in Europe, but that’s what we’ve got. The Opening keynote by Buxton I would have never expected such an awesome keynote by Buxton: it was about user experience designer, about UX in MS, about the importance of sketching. Buxton is a researcher, but it was one...