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Back home from SuperHappyDevHouse Aotearoa

I just got back home from the SuperHappyDevHouse Aotearoa, which turned out to be quite a nice event: lots of coders, lots of Mac and Linux, a few .NET developers, free food, free drinks, free Internet wireless connectivity. Nice chats with the other .NET developers, mainly about the "usual" topics: ORM, dynamic languages, Reflector (which I finally decided to install). I also helped Ivan migrate his blog to Subtext, importing all his old posts from DasBlog using Ayende procedure, only to discover at the end that his hosting control panel cannot change the .NET runtime, so we rolled back to migration, and wait...

SuperHappyDevHouse Aotearoa

Tomorrow I'll be at SuperHappyDevHouse Aotearoa, the NZ version of the US SuperHappyDevHouse held monthly in the SF bay area. I still haven't grasped what it is about, so I just report the "official" description: SuperHappyDevHouse Aotearoa is inspired by SuperHappyDevHouse, a monthly hackathon event in the US, combining serious and not-so-serious productivity with a fun and exciting party atmosphere. The whole thing is about rapid development, ad-hoc collaboration and cross pollination. Hardcore coders, l33t hax0r, passionate designers, and other types that enjoy software and technology development will be at home in the SuperHappyDevHouse. This is...