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rock climbing

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Kalymnos - Climbing in... Paradise?

Last September I spent a week climbing in the beautiful island of Kalymnos, Aegean Sea, in Greece.
And last month I wrote an article about my rock-climbing experience in this "climbing paradise" for the May 07 edition of Vertigo, the monthly e-zine of the Wellington Section of the New Zealand Alpine Club.

Read the article...

Rock Climbing grading for dummies

In New Zealand, climbing routes are graded using the Australian rating system, but in Italy (and around Europe, except UK) we use the French grading system, that, as all grading system, is quite difficult to understand unless you have a large number of routes you can refer to for comparison. A while ago a friend of mine sent me an email with a non technical reading of that grading system: 1 - Everybody can do it 2 - Everybody should be able to do it 3a - You do it without rope 3b - You start feeling the need of a rope 3c - Max grade on which you can find...

Movie on Rock climbing in Wellington

I just came home from the Paramount Theatre in Wellington, where I watched the first part of the Wellington show of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. If you are in Wellington, are into outdoors and don't have plan for next Tuesday, May 1st, you DO have to buy a ticket for it. Here the programme of the second part. Here is a small sample of the action you will get:  Unfortunately this is the only rock climbing action I can get here in Wellington Technorati tags: rock climbing, Banff Mountain Film Festival, Wellington