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The real headquarters of Oracle

<rant mode="on"> Oracle buys Sun and, incidentally, gets MySql and "might" put an end to it. A few days before that, the NY jury says that the new America's Cup, as planned by Alinghi is invalid (which was challenged by a yacht club which didn't have the pre-requisites to start an AC challenge), and so they are forced to accept the challenge made by Oracle Racing two years ago, which challenged them to race on 90x90 feet multi-hulls (for non US people, around 27m x 27m). Later, Ellison, in compliance with his egocentric view of the World, sends a letter to...

Do you wanna be the Picasso of programming? First learn the rules, and only after break them

UPDATE: Stackoverflow #41 is out. I bet it's going to be the most listened episode ever. This morning I woke up, and suddenly I was flooded by tweets and posts. All of that were about the latest buzz of the moment: “Are Jeff and Joel going crazy or are they just playing going crazy?”. I just want to think that, at least Jeff, is just playing the devil’s advocate, and giving a voice to the silent crowd that thinks that “getting things done” and “ship the product/project” is more important than crafting a good piece of software that can be maintained for...

Hairdressers Expedition on Everest

Back in the '72, the Monty Python's Flying Circus had this sketch about a fictitious climbing expedition by International Hairdressers. This was a comedy show, but how long before the holy Sagarmatha becomes a "hiking peak" that everyone with US$ 30K can climb? [via peakr] Technorati tags: everest, climbing, rant, peakr