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Need your opinion: which domain should I use for the blog?

Reader new to my blog might have wondered why blog lives in a .NZ domain: to make a long story short, it’s because when I started my blog I was so excited about my relocation to New Zealand that I registered a .NZ domain. Then I came back to Italy, and started to work in Milano. Last autumn I had the chance to go back to New Zealand again, but at the same time the offer to work for an European Institution arrived. And then my domain didn't make sense any more. And because it seems like I've...

Scheduling post while on vacation: how did it go?

As you might have noticed if you followed my twitter stream, I spent the last two weeks in Hokkaido, doing some trekking and enjoying the onsen. But still 5 new posts appeared on my blog. This happened thanks to a feature of Subtext that allows posting in the future. Before leaving to Japan I was undecided about scheduling posts while I was on vacation for two weeks, but then I decided to try this experiment. But now I’m back and I wanted to ask you what you think of what I did: did you like the fact...