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The performance implications of the expression tree-based ActionLink helper

Earlier today I wrote a post about how to improve the performance of ASP.NET MVC web applications, and I came out with the conclusion that the best way to improve performance is to add data caching and that the rest was not very important. Rudi sent me an email pointing out that turning the optimization upside down as I asked in my post, the expression tree-based ActionLink method still causes a lot of performance problems, at least in his sample application, a DIGG-like application, where there are 4 calls to the ActionLink helper for each of the 20 items...

How to improve the performance of ASP.NET MVC web applications

Today I stumbled upon a nice presentation that Rudi Benkovic gave last week at the Slovenian DotNet User Group, about ASP.NET MVC Performance. The Big Picture It is an in depth analysis of a Digg-like site and how it went from serving (on a test machine) 6 req/sec to 390 req/sec. The biggest gain, 74 req/sec to 390 req/sec happened when he introduced data caching and another 25 req/sec where gained when he introduced the compilation of LINQ queries. Data caching is always the key Splitting the gains among the various components: ...