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Windows Phone 7: my first comments

Update: the first update has been already announced, adding copy & paste (and some other enhancements) Before Christmas I got my Samsung Omnia 7, and I played a bit with it during the week I spent skiing in Cogne. Let’s start directly from the conclusion: I really enjoyed using it, the overall UX is great, better than the iPhone, but there are still some details and bugs that need to be fixed, hopefully with the next updates coming in the next months (the first update is already announced). But I’m not planning to migrate from my iPhone...

Best of 2010: top 5 most popular posts

This is the time of the year when people start looking back at the year that is about to end, and drawing conclusions. I will come to my “personal” considerations in a future post, reviewing my 2010 resolutions, but for the moment I want to share with you my top posts of 2010. The most popular post of 2010 1. Lucene.Net needs your help (or it will die) – Unfortunately it didn’t help get a new set of contributors (at the time of writing they didn’t comply to the conditions set by the ASF...