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My first MVP Summit and what I got from it

After the ALT.NET Conference, I spent the week attending the MVP Summit. It was great to meet in person most of the people I only know via blog, like ScottGu and Rob Conery, and many others (I met the most part already at the ALT.NET Conference) There were keynotes from executives, sessions from the product teams that told us which are the new features they are putting into the new version of products and the new products that are coming out in the future. I’ll not tell you what I heard, because everything is under NDA (but you...

ALT.NET Conference: best event I ever attended

I’m still recovering from the jet-lag, after the almost 15hrs of travel time back from Seattle, were I attended both the ALT.NET Conference and the MVP Summit. In this post I’m going to tell you my thoughts on the weekend of discussions that happened at the ALT.NET conference. Thoughts on the MVP Summit will follow in another posts. The ALT.NET Conf way They were 2 days full of valuable contents and valuable discussions: there were 4-5 parallel sessions each hour, on the most various topics: from what can be done to make the opensource community on .NET grow,...