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The first Italian .NET podcast is born

A few days ago DotDotNet, the UserGroup of the Emilia-Romagna, published the first episode of DotCast, the first Italian podcast about .NET. The first episode is about ASP.NET MVC and about a general discussion on Cloud Computing and Azure. And I'm honored to have been the first guest of this show. I hope this doesn't bring bad luck to the show, as the last I've been the first guest at a show (Mindscape's BrainDump), I've also been the only guest. I hope this time, Igor and Alessandro will keep up with the good work, and give to Italians a reason to...

Look Ma, I’m on the TV (on Channel9)

Last Friday I headed to Microsoft Italy offices in Segrate (with my Vespa and under a pouring rain), for being interviewed by Pietro Brambati, Italian Developer Evangelist, about ASP.NET MVC. You can watch the video (in Italian) on Channel9. I want to thank Pietro and the Italian DPE team for the interview and for the nice tech chat we had during the day. Technorati Tags: aspnetmvc,interview,channel9

Simone's BrainDump

The guys at Mindscape just started a series of video blog posts: BrainDump. Every now and then they will be interviewing a member of the .NET development community in New Zealand. Last week they knocked at my door, and I was very pleased to be part of the first episode of their BrainDump, speaking about my involvement with Subtext and my last project, the CCNET monitor gadget for Vista. Watch the video here: BrainDump #1 - Simone Chiaretta (EDIT: they removed the silverlight player, so here is a link to YouTube) Now I understand how Phil Haack felt when he was interviewed at Mix07. Being interviewed...