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What’s in your svn:ignore?

Every time I set up a new Subversion repository I’ve to dig through my previous repositories to look at the pattern to include into the svn:ignore property (which is the one that tells to the svn client which file pattern to exclude from the commit). Mine excludes all the file with the user’s settings, ReSharper local cache, source control  bindings, code artifacts and other random files and folders I need to exclude on a regular basis. *.resharper *.suo *.user *.pdb *.vspscc *.vsssccc *.scc */_ReSharper* */bin */obj */_ReSharper.* bin obj *.resharperoptions *.db *.bak *_ReSharper* *.snk logs output TestResults What’s in your svn:ignore property? Technorati Tags: svn,subversion,ignore