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Code Monkey Song

A song by Jonathan Coulton, a computer programmer and self-described geek turned folk rock singer: Code Monkey. Picture by Len Seems like there quite a lot of videos for this song. via Travis Illig on twitter Humor, Song, Code Monkey

The Ballad of the Programmer

I just found a modified version of a famous song by Francesco De André called "Il Pescatore". The name of this remake is: The Ballad of the Programmer and it's about a poor programmer dealing with a client that wants "everything by yesterday, wants absurd features and wants to pay as little a possible" (pretty standard behavior for small and medium sized software companies in Italy), so he has to work day and night without eating and dreaming of a tropical beach (also standard dream of every developer working in the grey and foggy Milano). The lyrics are in Italian but here...

How to answer to telemarketing phone calls

I already posted on my Italian blog last week, but I think this is great, so wanted to share here on Codeclimber:   Technorati tags: humor