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ASP.NET MVC brings FUN back inside web development, on .NET

That’s the main fact about ASP.NET MVC: “ASP.NET MVC brings the web back inside web development” [from a tweet by Hadi Hariri] With ASP.NET MVC the “real” web is back into the development workflow of a web application. And to me this translates in having more fun developing apps, and, at the end of the day, being more productive since I don’t have to work-around issues of a framework that takes too much of my work. It’s true: some might say that ASP.NET MVC is “half-backed” or without a strong opinion about how the M should be implemented,...

Not even in my worst nightmare

I warn you, send your child to bed before reading this code snippet: <span id="lblUser Birthday">User Birthday</span><br> <input type="text" name="txtUser Birthday" ID="txtUser Birthday"> OK, the HTML4 DTD allows spaces inside the NAME attribute (it’s a CDATA) but it’s one of the worst practices I ever saw (even the control’s name autogenerated by ASP.NET web forms uses $ to separate names’ parts). And spaces are not allowed inside the ID attribute. Pragmatists would say that IE and Firefox are pretty tolerant and eat up everything, but this is pretty scary anyway. I didn’t dare to ask “Who wrote this code?!” Technorati Tags: nightmare,html,error