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How does an email travel around the world?

Google, together with other 1100 users, released a "behind the scene" video showing us how an email sent from gmail reaches its destination. Ok, not really what happens, but nice to see this collaboration. Technorati tags: Google, Gmail, YouTube

How to make a Gmail-like loading indicator with ASP.NET Ajax

At the moment I'm working on making a web application we just developed more user friendly and more appealing to the end users. The application uses a few ASP.NET Ajax controls so I was pretty surprised when the customer sent me an email saying that he liked all the dynamic loading and the fact that he could reorder "things" using drag&drop and saving them without waiting the page to reload, but it took him a while to understand was going on. The first time he clicked the button, and since nothing happened, he thought that something was going wrong, so he kept...