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Show me your Visual Studio Extensions

All developers like to personalize their IDE, and even if lately I’m not doing that much of coding, I still like to have my Visual Studio 2013 “pimped” with the extensions that make work easier and faster. Here is a list of the extensions I’ve installed on my VS2013. ReSharper I guess this tool doesn’t need introductions: refactorings, code completion, code quality and coding standards checks and many other little helpers that make coding faster. It’s a commercial tool that costs 134€ and comes with a 30 days trial. More info on JetBrains’ web site. Nuget...

13 ASP.NET MVC extensibility points you have to know

One of the main design principles ASP.NET MVC has been designed with is extensibility. Everything (or most of) in the processing pipeline is replaceable so, if you don’t like the conventions (or lack of them) that ASP.NET MVC uses, you can create your own services to support your conventions and inject them into the main pipeline. In this post I’m going to show 13 extensibility points that every ASP.NET MVC developer should know, starting from the beginning of the pipeline and going forward till the rendering of the view. 1. RouteConstraint Usually you could put some constrains on url parameters using regular expressions,...