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Public Service Announcement: email not working (or why Aruba sucks)

UPDATE: My DNS have now been updated, email seems to be working fine, also from Exchange servers, sorry again for any problem that might have caused. If you sent me an email in the last days and you got an error back, please try it again now in a few day, or contact me on twitter @simonech. Same problem happened if you contacted my through the contact page of my blog. Also, if you are sending emails through an Exchange server (like if you are from Microsoft) you probably got a similar DNS error since the beginning of December: I'm really sorry...

Want to save NZ native bush?

Why don't you just send an email or mail newsletter instead of sending paper magazines or "snail mails"? "Save the cheerleader, save the world" "Send an email, save a tree !" is the name of the campaign that Calcium started in order to try and preserve the native New Zealand trees. If you go to and refer a friend "...Calcium Communication and its participating partners will make a donation towards the purchase and planting of a native tree in New Zealand." So, please, check out the website, and refer some friends: you will do a good action to...