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12 ASP.NET MVC Best Practices

Last week I held two presentations about ASP.NET MVC for the new-born DotNetRomaCeStà user group in Rome. And one of them was about what I consider to be ASP.NET MVC Best Practices. The presentation was in Italian so I decided to translate my slide in English so that everybody can read them. Controller’s best practices 1 – Delete the AccountController You will never use it and it’s a super-bad practice to keep demo code in your applications. 2 – Isolate Controllers from the outside World Dependencies on the HttpContext, on data access classes, configuration, logging,...

Speaking in Rome at the Gladiators Fest about ASP.NET MVC (Oct 21)

I’m glad to announce that I’ll be speaking in Rome at the Gladiators Fest (see the original in Italian): this is the first event organized by the .NET user group in Rome and I’ve been invited by Emanuele Mattei to talk about my IT passion: ASP.NET MVC. I’ll held two session: just before the lunch break, the first will be about some of the Best Practices for developing web applications based on ASP.NET MVC (level 300) and immediately after the lunch, I’ll talk about the new features that are going...

Roma gets its local user group as well

Probably it was the last big area of Italy with IT companies without a .NET User group. But around one month ago Emanuele Mattei and a few other developers from the “Urbe” fixed this problem and founded DotNetRomaCestà. A big welcome to the 7th .NET Regional Italian UserGroup born in the last few years. A small note on the name: it means “in Roma there is dotNet” (“ce stà” means, in Roman dialect, “there is”). Looking forward to see what they are going to organize. Good look! Technorati Tags: usergroup,dotnetromacesta