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controller factory

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ASP.NET MVC ControllerFactory for Unity and the reasoning behind it

Most of the mainstream IoC containers have their own implementation of a custom controller factory for ASP.NET MVC, but Unity doesn’t. There is an implementation in the MvcContrib project, but I don’t like the way it works, so I decided to implement it myself. Unity Controller Factory After a few mail exchanges with a guys of the p&p team and with Brad Wilson I came out with the following 35 lines of code. public class UnityControllerFactory: DefaultControllerFactory { protected override IController GetControllerInstance(Type controllerType) { ...

How to use Ninject with ASP.NET MVC

Ninject with ASP.NET MVC series How to use Ninject with ASP.NET MVC How to use Ninject to inject dependencies into ASP.NET MVC ActionFilters Extending Ninject to inject dependencies into Action Filters Ninject.FilterInjector v1.5: now injecting inside all filters  By default, the ASP.NET MVC framework instantiate controllers calling their default constructor. This makes using Dependency Injection impossible. But, as almost everything inside that framework, the logic...