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Second birthday for CodeClimber

Last week it was exactly two years since my first post on this blog, and it’s time to draw some conclusions on these 2 years. First some numbers: 460 posts, 1056 comments, 350k page views, 225k unique visitors, almost 1000 RSS subscribers. But the numbers alone don’t say a lot: it’s better to see the charts with the trends of visitors and subscribers over the years as provided by Google Analytics and Feedburner (the spikes are related to some posts that got lots of view). During the last months, I averaged around 700 page views per day. Now same more charts....


As every year on September 11th I’m getting one year older… and today I’m becoming 34. My 33rd year has been an exciting one from the professional stand point, and pretty good from the open-air ones as well. I started an exciting job in Avanade and I met great colleagues, I co-founded the UGIALT.NET community, I got excited by the ASP.NET MVC framework and started evangelizing it, I became a Mac addicted, I wrote a bunch of articles on ASP.NET MVC for DotNetSlackers, I started writing a book, again on ASP.NET MVC (it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon UK and...