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A few weeks ago, thanks to a tweet from Thomas Freudenberg, I discovered, a Web2.0 web application that allows users to post their favorite bike routes and track their trips, mapping them using Google Maps. The things I like the most is that, unlike many other track mapping sites (included the Nike+ site), it gives you the option to follow the road and not just draw straight lines, so you don’t have to add 100 small segments just to follow the path of a mountain pass street with many switchbacks. The other awesome feature...


As every year on September 11th I’m getting one year older… and today I’m becoming 34. My 33rd year has been an exciting one from the professional stand point, and pretty good from the open-air ones as well. I started an exciting job in Avanade and I met great colleagues, I co-founded the UGIALT.NET community, I got excited by the ASP.NET MVC framework and started evangelizing it, I became a Mac addicted, I wrote a bunch of articles on ASP.NET MVC for DotNetSlackers, I started writing a book, again on ASP.NET MVC (it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon UK and...

Starting another type of climbing: biking on the Sun Route

I do rock climbing, mountain climbing, ice climbing, but this year I started another type of climbing: road climbing, that is, going up a mountain pass with a bicycle. And that's how I spent my summer ‘08 holidays: along the Sun Route.

If you are interested in the trip report, continue reading.