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10 articles on ASP.NET MVC Extensibility to land on Simple-Talk in the next months

If you are following my blog since at least a few years you know that one of my main interest is the possibility to extend ASP.NET MVC and fine tune it to fit your (and your team’s) needs. One of my most popular posts is 13 ASP.NET MVC extensibility points you have to know, which I published almost 2 years and half ago (and was based on ASP.NET MVC v1). Still on the same subject I gave a two hours long presentation at Umbraco CodeGarden ‘10 Mvc Pre-Conf: ASP.NET MVC Extensibility. To try and push the concept that...

Testing ASP.NET MVC on DotNetSlackers

My second article on the ASP.NET MVC is now live on DotNetSlackers. This time the article is about how to test ASP.NET MVC web applications: unit testing, how the ASP.NET MVC framework facilitates testing and how to test Controllers, both with mocking and with the Extract and Overide Call method. Check it out here: ASP.NET MVC Framework – Part 2: Testing Any comment is welcome. If you missed the first article, with a introduction to the ASP.NET MVC framework you can read it here: ASP.NET MVC Framework – Part 1. Technorati Tag: aspnetmvc,unit test,article,dotnetslackers

I'm a (DotNet)Slacker on the ASP.NET MVC Framework

Today my first article on DotNetSlackers just got published. It's an introduction to the ASP.NET MVC framework that was released as part of the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview: it contains an overview of the MVC pattern and how it is implemented inside the ASP.NET framework. Check it out: ASP.NET MVC Framework – Part 1. The second part is already in the works, and it will be about testability. Technorati Tag: aspnetmvc,,article,mvc