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Is IronRuby being un-funded just the tip of an iceberg?

Today when I woke up and started skimming my twitter feed, I was stuck by a flood of comments about IronRuby being somehow discontinued. Not really killed, but, as Jimmy Schementi says in his post that announces his change of job, moved out of the pool of opensource projects that Microsoft is directly funding. Justin Etheredge already commented on what it means for IronRuby itself, but I want to analyze the fact from an another angle. Maybe I'm just paranoid, and unfunding IronRuby is just... unfunding IronRuby, but the facts are leading me to think (and might lead also other people...

The ALT.NET Conference: loving it

It’s been a great trip, and landed yesterday in Seattle with snow on the ground, but a wonderful sun. And this morning it’s still sunny (that’s the view from my hotel room). Right now I’m the lounge at DigiPen, waiting for the second day of ALT.NET Conf to start. The opening evening was very very interesting, and Phil Haack already wrote a great commentary of it. I’m really impressed by the huge amount of smart people that are attending, and it’s also a great opportunity to meet people I’ve been interacting with only online....

What happened at the Italian ALT.NET conference

Yesterday it was the day of the second UGIALT.NET conference in Milano: almost 40 people attending, 8 different speakers/moderators and a lot of interaction (and a free lunch courtesy of the sponsor of the event, Avanade). Many people were new to the ALT.NET thing, and to the "good design principles" as well, so we decided to try and spread the good news. With that intent the event started, after the welcome speech, with 6 lightning talks (thanks to the Welly .NET UG for the idea) on the basic concepts we would have used in the afternoon for the hands...

My ALT.NET geek code

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