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Window 2008

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Windows Live Writer 2009 RC Released

Tonight the Windows Live Writer team announced the release of WLW 2009 Release Candidate. It’s part of the Windows Live Essentials that includes also MSN Messenger and some other “Live” stuff. The good news is that now the install kit doesn’t check for the OS anymore, or, at least, they include Windows 2008 among the allowed OS (even if the system requirements don’t list it as supported platform). The new version includes a new icon (shown here on the left), and fixed the usability issue I reported one month ago: now the right sidebar scrolls and works...

Running Windows 2008 Server as development machine

Due to a new (*) IT security policy of my company, this weekend I had to wipe out my XP installation and install a BitLocker capable operating system and I had to decide whether to install Vista or jump to Windows 2008 Server turned workstation.  I already installed Windows 2008 server on a VM inside running on my Mac and I really liked the experience of running it as workstation, so I replicated the same environment on my laptop. This time, instead of manually applying all the changes required to turn Win2008 Server it into a workstation,...