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Images hosted on Webhost4Life are not displayed inside RSS feeds

A month ago, when I first updated my blog to Subtext 2.0, a reader commented that: Images embedded in RSS are not correctly linked I thought it was due to some problems with the new version of WLW I had just installed. But the link were written with the full absolute url, so that couldn’t be the problem. Then I thought that it was due to FeedBurner that decided to do something strange with my urls, but that was not the case either. A few days ago, while I was testing the RSS...

Zero downtime guaranteed: Priceless

I was looking on my hosting's control panel to see if they allowed some configuration of the Expires Header or the ETags to improve my YSlow score and I found a new service that WH4L offers to user migrating to their hosting: they migrate the sites of the customers, files, DB, emails. Here is the cost of the service: I really love the last line: Zero Downtime Guaranteed! - PRICELESS. Technorati tags: WebHost4Life, WH4L