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SQL Server

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Code smells also in SQL server system tables and StoredProcs

Almost 2 months ago Steve Harman, showed a ugly character map used in a database field to store the week's working days. Today I came across something similar, or maybe even worse, since the super-smelly database field is used in some system SPs in SQL Server 2000. I found a few examples of inconsistencies and "strange" implementations but let's focus on just one system stored proc: sp_help_job. This SP is used to retrieve a list of jobs or, if called specifying a GUID, it returns 3 result sets with the steps and schedules of a single job. Let's see some examples: enabled, which can be...

SQL Server 2005 password complexity enforcing

Today I was installing the developer version of SQL Server 2005 on my laptop and when the wizard asked me for the SA password I entered: password. I got a message saying that the password wasn't complex enough for the SA account. So I entered: pass. And the wizard didn't complain. Is pass more complex then password? I don't think so. Technorati tags: SQL Server, password