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ReSharper 4

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ReSharper 4 approaching beta status

No official announcement yet, but the ReSharper 4.0 Nightly Build page is showing the first build marked as stable and with the status "Beta Candidate". The build number is 804. Off to downloading it: let's hope they fixed all the problems and the huge memory requirements of the latest builds. UPDATE: JetBrains officially announced ReSharper beta Technorati Tag: Resharper 4,Beta

OutOfMemoryException using ReSharper 4

Last week, while working on the new features for Subtext vNext, I encountered a strange problem that never happened to me before. I was running the latest "works here" Nightly Build of ReSharper 4 (build num 767) and started getting tons of OutOfMemoryException. The problem started to happen when, after developing all the DataAccess and BusinessLogic with a TDD approach (so no UI involved), I started adding textboxes and method calls in aspx pages. So I guess the problem has something to do with handling aspx files and all the added complexity that a simple class file doesn't have....