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Random thoughts after one week of Mac

It's now a week since I started using my Mac and I wanted to share some random thoughts: The MacBook trackpad... WOW... it's the way trackpad should be: if configured correctly you can right-click, left-click, double-click, drag&drop and scroll (both horizontally and vertically) using only the touch surface, no need to use the only button: the most usable trackpad I ever used I'm trying to use for all my day to day tasks (reading email, browsing, chatting, blogging, reading feeds, editing HTML and text, and so on) native Mac applications, so I've...

Tips for switching from Win to a Mac

If you are like me and just bought a Mac coming from ages of Windows you might be having an hard time loosing all your habits and learning to walk again. Today I found a reference to a post of one year ago that compared how the easy things are done on a Mac and on a PC: things like what the "Apple" key is used for, why when you click on the "X" in the application bar the window is not closed but only "hidden", why there is no "Delete" key, how to install an app, and so on. I...