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Is Silverlight becoming a niche technology?

A lot of reactions started on Twitter this morning following the publication of the article titled “The Future of Silverlight” on the Silverlight Team Blog. One that caught my attention was written by Hadi Hariri: After a few messages I realized that he was talking about Silverlight. The problems Silverlight addresses The official announcement says between the lines: … Silverlight enables applications that deliver the kinds of rich experiences users want. We group these into three broad categories: premium media experiences, consumer apps and games, and business/enterprise apps. Even in their own statement, they acknowledge that Silverlight is not for building web apps,...

Oxite: OpenSource CMS from Microsoft built on ASP.NET MVC

I was on the mountains skiing during this last weekend so I might have missed some big announcement from the .NET blogosphere, but today I found on many “official” IT online magazines (thanks to that the team behind Channel 9 (and 8, 10 and Mix Online) just released on CodePlex the blogging/CMS platform they developed to build Mix Online: Oxite. Oxite is an open source, standards compliant, and highly extensible content management platform that can run anything from blogs to big web sites. We know this because it runs MIX Online. It’s developed with ASP.NET MVC and has been designed...

A smart community kiwi joins Microsoft: Andrew Peters

Andrew Peters, one of the smart guys I met during my 9 month of life in New Zealand, is joining Microsoft, as member of the team that will work on the Entity Framework. I’m pretty sure that his experience building LightSpeed, a kind of lightweight ORM and domain modeling framework built by Mindscape, will help with development of the Entity Framework. Andrew is also the man behind NHaml, a custom view engine for ASP.NET MVC, a port of the popular Rail Haml view engine. My best wishes to him and to his wife Kara for the relocation...

Castle goes to Microsoft

Seems like the Borgification of the opensource .NET community is going on: Hamilton Verissimo aka Hammett, the father of Castle, is joining Microsoft as the PM on the MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) team. Congratulation to Hammett for the achievement, and hope he has fun moving from the sunny São Paulo to rainy Redmond. The good thing is that he will continue working on Castle. How’s next? Ayende? or Scott Bellware? Technorati Tags: Hammett,Castle,Microsoft,MEF

Lorenzo becoming a "official" evangelist

Another important community member is joining Microsoft. This time is not the member of some cool opensource project, but is a very active blogger and TFS expert Lorenzo Barbieri. Today it's his last day as "free man" in his old company, and from tomorrow he will start his new career as Developer Evangelist for Microsoft Italy, and will start to go around Italy and Europe trying to push TFS to everybody. My best wishes and congratulations to Lorenzo. Hope he will not stop blogging and taking part in the community as he is doing now. Technorati...

Subsonic turns Microsoft

W00t.... Rob "Subsonic" Conery just joined Microsoft, and will make (more or less) Subsonic a high-level API on top of the MVC framework Phil Haack is the PM for. Seems like MS is hiring the cream of the US based .NET bloggers lately: are they kind of endorsing their contribution to the .NET space or just assimilating them? "Ai posteri l'ardua sentenza" (cit.). For the moment I just uber-happy for Rob and Phil, and for all of us .NET developer as whole: they will sure come up with something great. Technorati tags: Microsoft, Subsonic, Rob Conery

Yet another opinion

I wanted to write my opinion about the thing since a long time, but I really never find the time to sit down and organize my ideas into an organic post.The event that "triggered" this post is my friend Lorenzo asking my opinion about his blog post "There are architect and Architects" (it's in Italian but here is the link to the auto-translated version by Google). In his post Lorenzo, commenting on Sam's post about leaving CodeBetter and ALT.NET, adds some thoughts about something that usually the hard-core ALT.NET people don't get: imagine you have an Enterprise-level project,...

Yet another active community member joins Microsoft

After Scott Hanselman, Peli, Alex James and a lot more other active community member and opensource developers, also Phil Haack, founder of Subtext, is going to join Microsoft as Senior Program Manager in the ASP.NET team, and will be working on a MVC framework for a future version of ASP.NET. Congratulations Phil: two big achievements in just one year. Now, when is Microsoft coming to me for a job in the ASP.NET team as well? Technorati tags: Phil Haack, Microsoft, ASP.NET, aspnetmvc