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Google in Maori launched

Last year Google announced it would have released a version of Google in Maori and a few days ago, during the Maori language week, they released it. To visit the Maori version of Google there are two url. will take you to the Google NZ Aotearoa in the Maori language. will take you to the international version of Google, in Maori. Kia Ora!! Technorati Tags: Google,Maori,Aotearoa

Google in Maori

[July 25rd, 2008] UPDATE: Google Māori gone live: [July 23rd, 2008] UPDATE: Google Māori to go live on July 24th. Seems like Google is working to create a Maori version of their search engine: Google Looks At Maori Language They already have Klingon, Hacker and Elmer Fudd, why not Maori which is a real language? Technorati tags: Google, Maori