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MacBook invasion at MVP Summit 08

I was looking at blogs with reports on the MVP Summit 08 and on a post from a TFS MVP from Canberra I found this picture of one of the meeting rooms: In this little portion of the room 3 MS MVPs are using MacBookPro (highlighted with the black circles)... are MacBooks becoming one of the favorite brands of laptops for .NET developers? Technorati Tag: macbook,mvpsummit08

Cinema Display + MacBook = coolest desk ever

This is how I spent the evening: unboxing the boxes, cleaning up the mess on my desk, connecting all cables and looking for a good position for the display and the MacBook. I also took some pictures of the whole unboxing process: you can have a look at the pics on my flickr account: MacBook unpacking set. Technorati tags: Apple, MacBook, Cinema Display, desk

MacBook unpacking: -1

Yesterday evening, after work, I went to the Apple store in Milano to buy the 20" Cinema Display, the USB keyboard and the wireless mouse, and today, just before going to work, the TNT delivery man gave me the MacBook I ordered almost 2 weeks ago.   This evening will be unpacking and setup time!!! Technorati tags: Apple, MacBook, Cinema Display

Finally I did it

Today, taking advantage of the International version of the Black Friday, I finally ordered a MacBook. I went for the mid version, which is the 13", 2.2Ghz SantaRosa-based Core 2 Duo, 120GB HDD and 2GB of RAM. So now I'm officially joining the ranks of the cool people developing .NET apps on a Mac. Now the difficult decision is: Parallels or VMWare Fusion? JD went for Fusion, Damien Guard for Parallels, Andrew Butel is using Parallels. Hammett did some testing compiling Castle on Bootcamp, Parallels and Fusion, and the winner was Fusion, which was even faster then Bootcamp. I...

MacBook with Santa Rosa and GMA X3100

There were rumors back in the beginning of October said that Apple was going to update the MacBook around the beginning of November. And as usual, this promptly happened, and the first of November Apple quietly unveiled the new specs of the MacBook: same price, but new processor 2.2Ghz based on Santa Rosa and the GMA X3100 graphic card. All the other specs remain unchanged. Now it's really time to buy my new laptop. Technorati tags: MacBook, Apple

Leopard to be released on October 26th

Pardon my excitement, but finally my wait for the my next laptop is going to be over soon: the usual sources of Apple rumors say that probably Mac OS X 10.5 codename Leopard is going to be announced on October 26th. Funny to notice that at the moment Leopard is the 2nd most sold software on Amazon, and it's still in pre-sale. Technorati tags: Leopard, OS X, MacBook, Apple

Developing Vista Gadgets: impressions and photo gallery

I just came back from the post-event dinner, and here some picture of the presentation on Vista Gadgets running on a MacBook.     Not many people attended the presentation: too close to the end of the summer season, and probably not many people likes Vista. But I think this evening I showed some good reasons why developing Vista Sidebar Gadgets matters. I received some good questions from the elite that listened to my 2 hours long presentation, some of which are still unanswered. I promise I'll look for some answers and post them on my...

MacBook Pro vs CodingHorror-Hanselman rig

In the last 2 months Scott Hanselman and Jeff Atwood built the "ultimate developer rig". Probably you all are also readers of Scott's and Jeff's blog so I'm not going to repeat all the specs (here is the last Scott's post with a recap of all the steps of the decision and building process). Basically the CodingHorror-Hanselman PC is a Intel QuadCore 2.4Ghz (overclocked to 3Ghz), 4GB of RAM, GeForce 8800 with 768MB of RAM. And the cost for such a PC, monitors (3 of them), keyboard and mouse excluded, is US$ 1903. I don't know how much the same...