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5 books for developing on Windows Phone 7

After the Node.js resource list and the list of book for Arduino, the third part of the 2011 summer book list is about Windows Phone 7. The platform is still pretty young, and there are no books that cover both the feature of the device together with some best practices and, something that is important in phone development, the developer/designer workflow. For that reason this list includes also books about Silverlight and WPF. Core skills Silverlight 4 Unleashed Even if not specific to Windows Phone 7, this book is one of the best (if not THE best)...

Introducing FeedTso, a social news reader for Windows Phone 7

In the last few months you have probably noticed a few posts about Windows Phone 7, about my experience using it and about some little problems I found using the web browser. The reason is that, together with Daniela, we were working on a news feed reader for Windows Phone 7, called FeedTso. Today I’m happy to announce that after a few months of coding nights, yesterday we released the first version of FeedTso on the Zune Marketplace. What is FeedTso? FeedTso is a news feed reader that works as Google Reader client. We call...