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Do community because you like it, not because of the incentives

Every time there is a MVP renewal there are always some tweets or posts from people not being re-awarded, but this New Year re-awarding cycle was different: a few vocal and prominent community members didn't get re-awarded. Most of them were MVPs because of their OSS projects, so conspiracy theories started about Microsoft dropping his support to Open Source, and the bashing game started. Contributes to the community because you like it, not because of the incentives You should contribute to the community because you love doing it. Not because of the incentives MS gives you with the MVP program. I love doing...

MVP for another year

Yesterday, while I was enjoying this strange beginning of October on the beach, I received the email from Microsoft notifying me about the renewal of my MVP award: this time for the 4th time. I want to thank the Belgian community and the Italian for community for making that possible. And now, looking forward to a higher engagement with the Belgian .NET community. MVP

I'm not an Italian MVP anymore... I'm a Belgian MVP now

At the beginning of October I received an email saying that my MVP award has been renewed again: this is my 3rd time. But I also receive the communication that my MVP lead changed from Alessandro Teglia, to William Jansen, MVP Lead for the BeNeLux and Nordics area. So I'm now officially a Belgian MVP. I want to thank Alessandro Teglia for being such a good MVP Lead, and for initiating me to being an MVP. And I hope I'll be able to take part in the Belgian .NET community more than I'm doing now. MVP

Where I'll be during the MVP Summit

And finally the Summit has arrived: on Monday I'm leaving from Milano (at 6:50am, which means waking up at 3:00am) and I'll arriving in Bellevue on Monday afternoon. I'll be staying at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue. It will be a pretty packed up week, with sessions all the days, and parties all the nights. This is my "tentative" schedule for the parties. Monday 15th - Party with Palermo Tuesday 16th - Avanade MVP Dinner (6-8) and Insiders Party by Infragistics (8 - 10) Wednesday 17th - ASP.NET Product Group Dinner Thursday 18th - MVP Attendee Party ...

Oops! They did it again, I'm an MVP for another year.

I just came back from a week of vacation in Berlin, and I found out that my MVP award has been renewed for the second year. I want to keep this post short, so all I'm going to do is say "Thank you" to all the communities that gave me a slot to speak about ASP.NET MVC, to Wrox that let me write a book and to Keyvan for having partnered with me in writing my first book, and to all the friends of UGIALT.NET and ugidotnet. And then I want to congratulate with all the newly awarded devs of the community,...

My community weekends, with photos

October was a pretty busy month for me, especially because of two events I attended in two weekends: Italian MVP Open Days Workshop DotNetSide “Web Development with ASP.NET 3.5 SP1” Italian MVP OpenDays It was great to meet all the other MVPs, especially the ones of other specialties like Office and IT. We had an overview of how MS is moving about the community, and where it’s heading in the market. We had a brief overview of the Azure thing (at the time it was still called...

Italian MVP Open Days 2008

Tomorrow I’ll be attending my first MVP event: the Italian MVP Open Days 2008. I’m looking forward to it, as it’s a great opportunity to meet all the other guys involved in MS communities in Italy, especially the ones of areas I’m not involved with (like all the server and desktop products). And I’ll finally be able to ask to the Italian MVP lead all the questions that came to my mind about what I can/can’t do and the general information I still have an hard time to grasp. They said there will some news coming...

Spam is getting better: now they tell me I'm an MVP!

This afternoon I received an email with a strange subject: "Congratulations MVP Microsoft 2009!". At first I thought the usual spam email that just got better, but then I saw the post of the Italian MVP lead that announced the new MVPs for October 1st, and realized it was not spam, but that someone decided to award me with the MVP title in the category ASP/ASP.NET. When I started taking part in the community I was looking at MVPs as Guru and unreachable people, and now I'm one of them: I still can't believe it. I'd like to thank Alessandro Teglia, the Italian/Baltic...

Congratulations JD!!

The Golden Boy of the Wellington .NET user group (aka JD) just received his MVP Award for his contributions to the ASP.NET community in Wellington and NZ: Congratulations JD!! I remember him as one of the first developers from the community I met last year back in January, when I had my first talk at the Welly UG. MVP, Wellington, New Zealand