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Silverlight interesting resources

Just stumbled upon 2 interesting resources on Silverlight Silverlight Mindmap Ian Blackburn, developed a mindmap to help developers find their way through the huge amount of information that are available online. There 2 versions available online: jpg version of the map Silverlight version of the Silverlight map ScottGu's MIX recap Scott was the main speaker at the MIX keynote last Monday: a lot of things were announced. In his last post he recaps all the announcements made during the mix, and provide links to useful external resources I wish there were at least 28 hours per day to be...

Phil Haack interviewed on OpenSource

Phil Haack has been inverviewed by Tim Heuer for his new TimCast podcast. Phil explains why he started working on Subtext, and what his feelings are about the open source community on the Microsoft Platform. I'm very proud of having been mentioned by him during the interview, you know (!), he even said my name "almost" correctly. Thank you for that Phil. Here is the announcement of the interview, and here you can download the mp3 interview Technorati tags: Phil Haack, MIX07, SubText, TimCast

More Silverlight bits

I usually don't like to write posts that contains only links to other posts, but with all that MIX07 information overload I'm doing it here as reminder for myself, hoping you will find it useful as well: Silverlight poster (the original post has a missing link, so down at the bottom of the post here is the image I downloaded this morning) Top Banana, a video editing application, totally built with SL 1.1 A Getting Started paper from O'Reilly: Getting Started with Silverlight a...

Ready to MIX?

Today is MIX07 start day: if you are like me, and you are not lucky enough to live in the US (or to have your company pay for you the trip to Las Vegas) here is the visit MIX from Home blog. It should be a continuously updated report of what is going at the MIX. What are they going to announce at MIX? Here are some speculations: Expression Blend Express, Zune phone, Office and Visual Studio will be in .NET A dynamic language runtime, Silverlight for Linux, Silverlight with a micro-CLR ...