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Testing RSS advertising

If you subscribed to my blog through an RSS reader you will notice an advertisement at the bottom of this post. That’s because I’m testing the RSS Room of the The Lounge advertising network: it’s creator James Avery unveiled the RSS Room it only a few days ago and in the next weeks it will be a test period and will show only Lounge related ads. For people that are reading this post from my blog, here is how it appears on the RSS reader: I’m still tuning it in order to be less...

In The Lounge

As you might have noticed, a few days ago I added to my sidebar an ad space. The reason for the ad is that I joined the Lounge, an advertisement network on the .NET space with quite a few famous bloggers. I'm not in the same with them, since I don't have the same audience and influence, but in another room, the .NET small publisher room, together with Subtext mate and new MVP Steve Harman, "ASP.NET MVC in Action" co-author and CodeCampServer key contributor Ben Scheirman and a few more. When James Avery says: Simone Chiaretta is one of the developers of...