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LightSpeed 2.0 Released

Mindscape, the cool software agency based in Wellington (NZ) that had the office in the same building where I worked for Calcium, just released the second version of their domain modeling framework, named LightSpeed. This version has some great new features: Linq2LightSpeed: now the entities can be queried using Linq Visual Studio Designer: for people that are soo 2002 and still prefer working with a data-first approach, or want to apply the ORM mapping to legacy databases, LightSpeed now has a VS designer and code generator that creates entities starting from the...

ARCast meets LightSpeed

I just stumbled upon a video that has just been published on channel9: Ron Jacobs interviewing JB and JD of Mindscape about their domain model framework LightSpeed. Congratulations Mindscape!! At the moment I'm still (unfortunately for the last week) at the lake with hamsters powering my Internet connection, so cannot check it out, but if you have a normal Internet connection speed, go and check it out on ARCast.TV. (Too bad that Channel9 doesn't offer video encoded for the iPod format). Technorati tags: mindscape, lightspeed,

Blogging from Melbourne

I'm here at the Melbourne airport, after 4 hours and 30 minutes of flight over the Tasman Sea. The Qantas zone of the airport has free WiFi connectivity, which is very good, compared to the 5£ per hour I paid at Heathrow coming in New Zealand 7 months ago. Now my connectivity is limited only by the short battery life of my old laptop: too bad I don't have the 6 hours battery life of a Mac yet. Anyway, looking at my feeds, I just found out a very good news: my friends from Mindscape just released the first official...