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Keyvan Nayyeri

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Problem with Spam? Waegis to the rescue

One of the problem of having a blog with a Google PageRank higher than 3 is that you get flooded by a storm of spam. Be it comment spam or trackback spam it's a waste of server resources and, if not filtered, could fill your blog with tons of sex related links and more. Last year Subtext included a integration with Akismet, the de-facto only spam blocking service available for free on the net. But last autumn I received more than 1000 spam trackback in one day and more than 30.000 on the same day in my Italian blog...

Got my copy of Visual Studio Extensibility

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my friend Keyvan from Iran just published his first book with Wrox: Professional Visual Studio Extensibility. Today I got my copy of the book. I never had the need to extend Visual Studio in the past but now I'm building some tools to facilitate the migration of a large project (more than 1M lines of code) from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0, so this will really help. Thank you Keyvan for being releasing the book in time to help me with that work project.   Technorati Tag: Keyvan Nayyeri,Visual Studio,Book,VSX

Wanna extend Visual Studio? Read Keyvan book

Keyvan Nayyeri just announced the official release of his book about Visual Studio Extensibility, published by Wrox. This is quite a unique book since the VSX technology is new with VS2005 and is a leap forward compared to the old macro-based extensibility, but nothing has been written on this topic, yet. The book will cover all the aspects of Visual Studio Extensibility: Macro, Add-Ins, Visualizers, MSBuild, VSPackages, DSL tools, using the Shell. I also what to thank Keyvan for adding me to his acknowledgement page on the book: I would thank anyone else who helped us get this book done, both inside Wiley...