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Italian government is going to censor the web

Not a real censorship, like the Chinese one, but the Italian government is about to issue a new law to "organize" anything that can inform people: newspaper, magazines, public website but also private ones and blogs. In order to have a blog, if this law is really issued, its owner must be registered to the ROC (Registro degli Operatori di Comunicazione), and must have a registered journalist as "Chief Editor". I know this sounds like a joke, but it's not. Not a real law for the moment, but has been proposed in August and seems like it has been approved...

Some clarifications on my opinion about ALT.NET

My opinion about the ALT.NET probably has been misunderstood by a few bloggers that only focused on the first part of the post. Both Ayende and Jay Flowers disagree with my opinion that 80% of the developers can't get the concepts behind ALT.NET. Actually I didn't say that they can't get it, I only said that they don't want to stay up to date, which is a lot different. Even if there are a lot of talks going on, a lot of blog around (as Jay says in his post) most of the developers are not interested in "being on...