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Summer time learning: Getting started with Node.js

It is now a consolidate tradition for me to publish, during summer time, a list of the books I liked reading or that I bought and are sitting on my shelves (or, lately, more and more on my iPad) waiting to be read. In the last years these lists contained .NET and development methodologies books and web development books (jQuery and JavaScript). The topics of the book in this year’s list are a bit different. There will still be a bit of web development on .NET, but due to the nature of the projects I did in my spare...

Welcome to the WebMatrix, and my thoughts about it

When I saw the Gu writing 3 posts in a row about new technologies/products (IIS 7.5 Express, SQL Server CE 4 and Razor view engine) I knew something big was about to come. And in fact yesterday he announced the WebMatrix, a new web development stack that combines the 3 products above plus a new super-easy to use web development IDE and a new syntax for developing quick websites, called ASP.NET Web Pages. The WebMatrix First let’s share the official announcement: WebMatrix includes a complete Web development stack that integrates a Web server (IIS...