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Subtext goes to Google Code

Subtext finally leaves the SourceForge Hell and moves source code and issue tracking on Google Code. What does that mean for users? First of all that means that you won't have to fight with the bad user experience of SourceForge any more. Then, if you were reading and asking questions in the SF Forums, now you have to subscribe to the Subtext group on Google Groups. For the moment the latest stable version is still on SourceForge, version 2.1. Actually the really latest version (2.1.1) is available for download and install from the Windows Web App Gallery. I'm pretty excited by this...

How an extensive downtime influences traffic and search rank

At the beginning of October, the server that powered the Ugidotnet blog site (and all the other sites, including the article library and the forums) had a hardware failure (2 HDD in the RAID broke at the same time and some other bad luck) and went down. And it took a few weeks before the new server arrived and the admins of the server set it up again. As result of this failure, all the blogs stayed offline for 12 days, from the 8th to the 20th of October. My Italian blog is not my primary blog, so I didn’t care...

SEO starting guide for ASP.NET

Today I just found two great sources of information on Search Engine Optimization. Google’s search engine starter guide The first has been released directly by Google: Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide It covers the most common areas that might need a bit of optimization: urls, titles, metatags, image’s alt attributes, robots.txt file and other topics. A must read for everybody that is interested in the topic. SEO for ASP.NET podcast The second resource is the great (as always) podcast by Polymorphic Podcast about SEO for ASP.NET. The guest, Michael Neel, talks about which are the main points of Search Engine Optimization, especially with ASP.NET. And the main...

Google in Maori launched

Last year Google announced it would have released a version of Google in Maori and a few days ago, during the Maori language week, they released it. To visit the Maori version of Google there are two url. will take you to the Google NZ Aotearoa in the Maori language. will take you to the international version of Google, in Maori. Kia Ora!! Technorati Tags: Google,Maori,Aotearoa

Google adds SiteLinks to searches on blogs

Yesterday looking for CodeClimber on Google I found out that Google is listing some posts as SiteLinks. The same happens with all the blogs I tried so far (it seems to work only if the blog is hosted on 2nd level domain): codinghorror hanselman haacked cre8d-design Not sure why it shows the posts he shows (since some are not even in the homepage at the moment), but nice to see this. Technorati Tag: google,search,sitelinks

How does an email travel around the world?

Google, together with other 1100 users, released a "behind the scene" video showing us how an email sent from gmail reaches its destination. Ok, not really what happens, but nice to see this collaboration. Technorati tags: Google, Gmail, YouTube

Hacking Google Analytics

Last week the old version of Google Analytics was dismissed and the only available UI is the new version, which is great, much more user friendly, but misses 2 features I used a lot: Today users by hour Users by month I didn't find the user grouped by month report yet, but after a bit of URL hacking I found how to get the hourly report for the current day. The biggest problem is that the date validator in the analytics UI validates the user input based on Google server date, which happens to start 19 hours...

Google in Maori

[July 25rd, 2008] UPDATE: Google Māori gone live: [July 23rd, 2008] UPDATE: Google Māori to go live on July 24th. Seems like Google is working to create a Maori version of their search engine: Google Looks At Maori Language They already have Klingon, Hacker and Elmer Fudd, why not Maori which is a real language? Technorati tags: Google, Maori

Google Analytics releases new UI

Today Google announced the new version of its statistics package: Analytics. The new UI introduces a new dashboard, new fancy graphs with the possibility to compare trends over a period of time, customizable dashboard and email and PDF reports. Current users will be migrated to the interface during next month. Technorati tags: Google, Google Analytics

Google Referrals changes pricing structure

I'm registered to Google AdSense and I've the ads block and some AdSense referrals buttons on my Italian blog. Yesterday, looking at my earnings I noticed that I was giving 5$ for the AdSense referral product. I knew that for that product the rule was: When a publisher who signed up for Google AdSense through your referral earns their first $100 within 180 days of sign-up, you will be credited with $100. So why did I get $5? I thought that it was very difficult for someone that signs up for the first time to reach $100 in...