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How to access Council of EU data on votes on legislation using SPARQL and AngularJS

One of the areas I've been focusing on lately is the so called "Semantic Web", in particular Open Data as a way to make governments more transparent and provide data to citizens. From a technical point of view, these data are redistributed using the  RDF/LD format. I’m particularly excited of having worked on the release of what I think is a very important data set that helps understand how decisions are taken in the Council of European Union. The Council of European Union published how member states have voted in since 2010 In April 2015, the Council...

So Long Avanade, and Thanks for All the Fish

If you follow me on twitter you might already have understood something: last week I gave my two months notice to my employer, Avanade Italy. I've been working with them since the end of 2007, and during the almost 2 years and half I learned a lot. Especially I added to my skills-set some competencies I never had the chance to practice working for a web agency and for a product company: the so called consulting skills. I also had the great opportunity to coach on the job some junior developer that just come out from university (or with little...