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Microsoft Certified Professional Developer Guide updated

Last year I wrote a post on the steps needed to become a MCPD on the .NET framework version 2.0. Now that the new .NET 3.5 certification track is available I think I need to update it with the new information. MCPD Certifications As with the 2.0 track, the 3.5 has the same 3 certification types: MCPD Web Developer MCPD Windows Developer MCPD Enterprise Application Developer The difference with the 2.0 track is that, while the first 2 still require 3 exams, the Enterprise Application one now requires 6. Why 6 instead of...

Just passed the 70-536 MCTS exam

A bit later then what I planned 6 months ago, today I just passed 70-536: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Application Development Foundation. I passed with 806 with a passing score of 700, but making a few calculation I didn't understand which would have been the maximum score since if 700 is 80% of the max (as in the practice tests), the max would have been 875. But 806 out of 875 means 92,114%, that means that I correctly answered 41,45 questions, which is impossible. Anyway, a good result since I seriously studied for the exam only one week of evenings. And I...