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Problem with Spam? Waegis to the rescue

One of the problem of having a blog with a Google PageRank higher than 3 is that you get flooded by a storm of spam. Be it comment spam or trackback spam it's a waste of server resources and, if not filtered, could fill your blog with tons of sex related links and more. Last year Subtext included a integration with Akismet, the de-facto only spam blocking service available for free on the net. But last autumn I received more than 1000 spam trackback in one day and more than 30.000 on the same day in my Italian blog...

Temporary disabled ping/trackback

Today I was hit by a massive spam attack, both here and on my Italian blog: here I received almost 1000 spam trackback in one day, and on my Italian one I reached the incredible number of 30.000, and almost all passed as approved. I guess Akismet is having some problems these days. Technorati tags: Subtext, Akismet

Akismet and the trackback spam

I started this blog back in last December, so I didn't bother about the spam problem at the beginning. But last month I started getting a lot of trackback spam, some days even 30-40 per day: I guess this is the new way of blog spam since comments are being filtered by all the CAPTCHA controls or other dictionary based comment filters. I decided to give Akismet a try: and in the first week after I enabled Akismet I have no more spam on my blog. All the trackbacks are being checked against the Akismet web service and eventually...