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Is Apple doing a favor to HTML5?

As everyone know, with the latest release of the iPhone OS, Apple made all applications not developed natively with the Apple stack (XCode, Objective-C) “illegal”. This change created a big turmoil in all developer communities because that means that no translators/converters/adapters can be used to develop native iPhone app. While probably this had the goal to ban only the new iPhone Packager included in Adobe CS5 (which would have allowed Flash developer to develop a Flash application and automatically make it an iPhone app), it might probably effect also on many other libraries, like MonoTouch (even if this is...

Adobe Flex goes OSS

Today important technology news: Adobe to Open Source Flex. It's a bit late here (4am watching Luna Rossa beating Team New Zealand ) so my neurons cannot work enough to formulate an opinion on what it is going to happen. What is it going to happen now? Will Adobe gain a few points % also in the desktop development? I'm waiting for your opinion. Technorati tags: Flex, Silverlight, Adobe, Apollo